image1.jpgAISAAUG is a heartfelt, fool triumphant, comedy. Carl is the comic book loving crossing guard that resembles an early life version of myself. His story takes place over the craziest weekend of his, and likely any of our lives. In his quest for validation by his uncle, incumbent mayor Anthony Strong, Carl defies all his own odds, taps his inner super hero, and saves the day. Does he get the kiss? Vote with your dollar to find out!

About the Man Behind the Movie:

Writer and Director, Matt LeFevour

Matt grew up with a deep passion for art and storytelling. He was exposed to film and television at a very early age through his Uncle, stunt coordinator Rick LeFevour, and grew up experiencing high speed car chases and falling off of buildings. After working as a stunt man in Chicago he had an actor personally request him and his world changed. He traveled for three years working on some of the biggest film franchises in Hollywood. Looking to keep adding to his resume, Matt reinforced his love of the business by taking classes at the well known Second City in Chicago. This is where he met Liam, a fellow comedian, and the soon to be star of his film. Currently, in addition to writing, Matt can be seen walking into fires or chasing down bad guys on Chicago Fire and it’s spin off Chicago PD and Fox’s APB, and Empire.

About Carl

Carl is played by actor and comedian Liam Gallogly. Liam studied at Second City Chicago, iO and Columbia College. He is a member of the sketch group Unlikely Companion, who just performed for their 4th year at the well known Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival where he also performed with in his 2 man team “Hard Candy” with Molly Rehner. Liam recently starred in the film (I am Virgin) which won the Audience Award at the 2016 National Film Festival For Talented Youth and was accepted into the Tacoma Film Festival, Atlanta Film Fest and the El Dorado Film Festival.